Webinars & Workshops

In 2022, our company has a goal of developing more webinars and workshops that can help our clients gain an edge online. We will be exploring numerous online opportunities such as e commerce (Shopify, Wix, etc...), educational platforms like Thinkific and the power of setting up affiliate marketing niche websites. More and more, people are looking to the online environment to develop multiple streams of revenues in order to automate their businesses to have more time with their families and friends building a more joyful & balanced life. We want to help by providing information and guidance.

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Coming Again Soon!

This webinar was a huge success the last time we presented it. So, we will be bringing it back soon. Click below to get on the waiting list so you can be first to grab a spot! Are you looking to develop multiple streams of revenue online? Have you recently been thrown into a situation where you had to leave your career or close your brick & mortar business? Do you want to know what opportunities are out there for you? Click the button below to find out.


"These courses were life savers! I had to learn Competitive Analysis & Web Development quickly to develop our online presence for our new business. The idea was daunting. But these action-driven courses, and nonstop guidance had us up and running within 4 weeks. Incredible experience and will definitely be spreading the good word about this training."


Jessica, Marketing Co. @DSCI