Online Training

Part of our ongoing mission at our company is to provide continuous value to our customers through educational content that will enhance their knowledge and skill base. We have begun the process of developing online courses and will be sharing them on this page as they become available. Make sure to add yourself to our email list to be the first to get access to these courses at promotional rates.


25 Must Haves For A Killer Website That Wins You Prospects

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Master The Art Of Competitive Analysis

Are you trying to establish a strong presence for your business online? Looking to create a competitive edge for yourself in your industry? Overwhelmed at the number of tools and theories out there on what works and what doesn’t? Do you want to compete at the same level as your top competitors are?


After 20+ years of being in marketing, I am still astonished at the way company’s develop their business strategies when it comes to their messaging and targeting. It seems like the bigger they are, the less they know.


Don’t waste valuable time and money going around in circles trying to find the magic sauce. Get it right and get the results you desire! All my training is based on “real life” case studies and experiences I have had through my career and with clients from my own marketing agency. I give you the exact roadmap to get the results you want…every time.



"These courses were life savers! I had to learn Competitive Analysis & Web Development quickly to develop our online presence for our new business. The idea was daunting. But these action-driven courses, and nonstop guidance had us up and running within 4 weeks. Incredible experience and will definitely be spreading the good word about this training."


Jessica, Marketing Co. @DSCI